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The current usage emerged with the 1970s feminist movements, which aimed to raise feminine consciousness and resistance against gender oppression.Here is part of what she wrote for the proceedings: "We must realize that a lot of homicide is in fact femicide. From the burning of witches in the past, to the more recent widespread custom of female infanticide in many societies, to the killing of women for "honor," we realize that femicide has been going on a long time.

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In addition, the study of femicide is a social challenge.

An alternative term offered is gendercide which is more ambiguous and inclusive.

Jacquelyn Campbell and Carol Runyan use the word femicide to reference "all killings of women regardless of motive or perpetrator status" These authors argue that motive is not always empirically possible to be determined, and so must be removed from the qualification for femicide in order to gather data.

On the other hand, authors Desmond Ellis and Walter Dekesedery take a different approach by viewing the definition for femicide as "the intentional killing of females by males".

Often, the necessity of defining the murder of females separately from overall homicide is questioned.

Opponents argue that since over 80% of all murder victims are men, the term places too much emphasis on the less prevalent murder of females.However, some feminists argue that the term gendercide perpetuates the taboo of the subject of the murder of females.Feminists also argue that the motives for femicide are vastly different than those for androcide. John Cornyn, R-Texas, on Thursday said that the results of an FBI investigation into the death of a Border Patrol agent should serve as a reminder that people should not draw conclusions before having all the information. The system spent tens of millions of dollars on the project, but struggled to develop a business plan. Hugh Shine in the Republican primary, wrote Facebook posts suggesting violent responses to excessive force by police. The University of Texas System has closed its Institute for Transformational Learning, a startup-like technology initiative.They also claim that using "gendercide" points to the largely taboo nature of femicide.


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