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Long estranged countries marching together, colorful costumes, dancing white tigers, and holographic lights — this year's Olympics opening ceremony had it all.

Despite being famed for the image of John Cusack’s Lloyd holding up a boom box in order to win back the girl of his dreams, Cameron Crowe’s (1989) also crafts a credible depiction of the relationship between Lloyd’s love interest Diane (Ione Skye) and her single father in a plot which keeps you guessing at least as long as the old “boy-meets-girl…” schtick.

In Deutch’s gives considerable screentime to Andie’s relationship with her father, an unemployed man still smarting from his wife’s abandonment years earlier.

This brings us to a further strength of the ‘80s relationship movie; scripts encompass far more than contemporary run-of-the-mill rom-coms.

Firstly, unlike films such as, say, (2008), which revolve around a central would-be couple and a same-sex friend for each to whine at, the best films of the ‘80s explore a wider range of characters, making room for meaningful exploration of non-romantic relationships.

In the relationships of peripheral characters are also explored, adding to the film’s realism as Sally and girlfriends bemoan their love lives over lunch.

Sure, the film doesn’t pass the Bechdel test, but why should it?

This adjustment was so striking, it inspired even Kylie Jenner to tweet about the Snapchat redesig…Kira Nasrat is responsible for creating the most gorgeous makeup looks on some of the most talked-about celebrities in the industry, from Jessica Alba and Margot Robbie to Bebe Rexha and Natalia Dyer.

And while the professional makeup artist is mostl…If you're a fan of The Hills, there might just be some good news for you coming down the pipeline. TMZ is reporting that Kristin Cavallari has a new reality TV show in the works, one that they claim will air on E! …Holy affordable avocados, Batman — in a press release on their website, Whole Foods announced that Amazon Prime members will enjoy free two-hour delivery of their groceries through Prime Now. Here she is laying on t…We all know the feeling of the first day on the job.

The women, who named, may only talk about men but the men also only talk about women.

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