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In all cases where redress is owed, you will not be disadvantaged by any delay as any interest due will be calculated right up until the date of payment.

We take all complaints very seriously and are committed to handling them on a fair and consistent basis.

We will investigate any complaint received properly and fairly.

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In all cases any interest due will be adjusted right up until the date of payment.

PPI is insurance that pays out a sum of money to help cover your monthly repayments on your loan, credit card and/or mortgage in certain events, which could include unemployment, accident or sickness, hospitalisation or death.

By filling out the FOS (Financial Ombudsman Service) PPI Questionnaire we will have all of the information we need to assess your complaint.

Once you have completed the form please send it directly to us at: The Mortgage Business Customer Relations, PO Box 548, Leeds, LS1 1W We encourage our customers to talk to us about PPI: If you have any further query about the way your PPI was sold you can ring a dedicated telephone line for PPI customers on 03.

If you have already made a complaint to us you do not need to do anything.

We will be in touch as soon as we have an update on your case.If you have a concern about how your PPI Policy was sold, it's easy for you to contact us directly so you don’t need to use a Claims Management Company (CMC) who will typically charge an upfront fee or take a proportion of any compensation you may be due.We assess complaints sent directly to us in exactly the same way that we treat complaints from a Claims Management Company, so by coming direct you will not be disadvantaged.If your case is complex it may take us longer and we will keep you regularly updated.As a general rule, your refund will include a reimbursement of all insurance premiums paid, interest on those premiums and where applicable, interest calculated at 8%.As a result we are aware that in certain cases, there could be a delay in customers receiving their payment.

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