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14r © Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin PK, Orientabteilung Ahriman (Goebbels), als Koch verkleidet, vor dem Tyrannen Zahhak (Hitler). Marzolph Treasures from Ancient China III, which will include an exceptional Pan bronze vessel decorated with a snake, from the Shang dynasty (13th-11th century B. But also, it’s because many big brands have simply dumped their existing products on the Chinese market, with little thought to tailoring their wares to the audience beyond changing the language on the packaging. Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin PK, Orientabteilung, Libri picturati A 117, fol. That’s in part because China is still a relatively poor country, with a high savings rate.The epic also relates the important features of ideal kingship. Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin PK, Orientabteilung, Diez A fol. 27 © Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin PK, Orientabteilung Sasanidische Jagdschale. Mano Gyotei (1874-1934), Raijin, ink and color on silk (detail). Courtesy Hiroshi Yanagi Oriental Art A parcel-gilt silver repousse figure of Padmasambhava in the aspect of Nyima Oser Tibet, 18th century. Bonhams will highlight this week with two sales on September 13, 2011—The Sartin Collection of Asian Art and Fine Japanese Works of Art. The first day of the two-day sale brought in 8 million for 35 lots of imperial treasures, well in excess of the estimate of -61.4 million.

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Beside a thematic show of the Shahnameh ‘through the ages’ with masterpieces of Persian painting, the exhibition presents the rich and extremely rare Sasanian collection of the Museum of Islamic Art thus illuminating the important historical past of the mythical legend. Of particular note is a 15th-16th century luminous red painted trunk with two striking “stupas” on the front. Photo: Bonhams Ground mineral pigments, cloth wood and metal; the tray top with partial remaining decoration of a floral cartouche above a front panel decorated with a deer supported by a large lotus and surrounding leaves within a cusped cartouche. Provenance: Acquired from Tony Anninos, San Francisco 2004Published: David Kamansky, editor, Greatly important and extremely rare are three 15th-16th century altar tables (estimated at $8,000-12,000, $5,000-8,000 and $4,000-6,000, respectively). The elongated limbs and distinctive almond eyes of his subjects are part of the signature style that made him appreciated by collectors and are what he is primarily known for today.

The exhibition includes around 50 manuscripts and folios from the Keir Collection, the National Library, and the Museum of Islamic Art (amongst others the world famous folios from the yet far too little known Diez-Albums, the Great Mongol Shahnameh and the Shah Tahmasp Shahnameh) as well as medieval ceramics, textiles, metalwork and weapons plus artifacts from the Sasanian collection. In remarkably good condition, this trunk represents the highest standards of Tibetan furniture making, with a pre-sale estimate of $15,000-20,000. The surrounding flower head trellis pattern is enclosed by gold scrolling form spandrels and similar border. These tables each consist of prolific carved aprons and cabriole legs. Musée des Arts Asiatiques—Guimet, Paris (MA 2476) Aqa Riza (Painter), Mir ‘Ali (Calligrapher), Fath Muhammad (Marginalia), . But an exhibition at the Singapore Art Museum, “Cheong Soo Pieng: Bridging Worlds,” highlights how the artist who was so experimental in the 1960s and ’70s also embraced abstraction and mixed media.

These artworks are supplemented by important loans from the Berlin Museum of Asian Arts, the Berlin Museum of Ethnology and the Deutsche Historische Museum (DHM) and loans from two German private collections. The detailing exudes the distinctive Tibetan style of power and grace. Read the full story in the International Herald Tribune Tuesday, October 5 Old Chinese masters have outperformed contemporary artists.

Early Indo-Buddhist Art will be shown at Pace Gallery, 32 East 57th Street, 7th Floor, and will include very early works of art from the Indian Subcontinent. Lieberman of 311 East 72nd Street, Suite 6F, will exhibit Recent Acquisitions, an exhibition featuring a large, polychromed wood sculpture of a Chinese Buddhist Abbott, circa 1770; a rare Ninxia skeleton carpet; an elaborate Rajastani shield of painted dahl hide and other distinctive objects primarily from South Asia and the Himalayan regions. Courtesy Sue Ollemans Oriental Art Carlton Rochell Asian Art will offer Indian, Himalayan and Southeast Asian Works of Art at its 44 East 74th Street gallery. The show’s focus is on paintings from the tumultuous period of the late 19th/early 20th century in Korea and China that developed out of turbulent politics and yet diligent cultural exchange between Korea and East Asia. Spies arrived in Indonesia in 1923 on the cusp of European modernism, bringing with him an aesthetic style influenced by modernist philosophy, early film, and tribal folk art from a period of internment in the Russian Urals region during the World War I.

Ground mineral pigments and wood; the plain rectangular top above a foliate carved inset panel frieze and similar deep apron, centered by a precious jewel, raised on elaborate cabriole legs with scrolling floral terminals. Sotheby’s Hong Kong sale of Fine Chinese Paintings achieved amazing results today, with 98.9 percent of lots sold!

In addition to furniture, is a highly important collection of Tibetan ritual silver objects, some of which are the finest known examples in private hands. The sale raised .2 million (well about the .4-22 million, setting a highest ever total for a various owners sales of these paintings.Dr IWAN ‘S CYBERMUSEUM THE FIRST INDONESIAN CYBERMUSEUM MUSEUM DUNIA MAYA PERTAMA DI INDONESIA DALAM PROSES UNTUK MENDAPATKAN SERTIFIKAT MURI PENDIRI DAN PENEMU IDE THE FOUNDER Dr IWAN SUWANDY, MHA THE VINTAGE ASIA ARTWORK COLLECTIONS PART TWO By Daulat, Mughal, c. Photo: Davood Sadeghsa 800 years of Indian painting, about 200 masterpieces by more than 40 artists – and all this at a glance. I B 4408 © Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Ethnologisches Museum, Foto: M. 3 © Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin PK, Orientabteilung Der Schwarze Div Khazarvan tötet den Thronfolger des ersten Königs. Among them is an Anthropomorph copper figure from the Gangetic Planes (2nd Millennium B. of London will offer Recent Acquisitions at Adam Williams Fine Art Ltd, 24 East 80th Street. Courtesy Oliver Forge & Brendan Lynch Ltd Kapoor Galleries will present ‘A Sterling Collection’ of Indian & Himalayan Art at its 1015 Madison Avenue space. Featured will be more than 20 sculptures and paintings from India, Tibet, Nepal and Cambodia. The contemporary art will feature, among others, two cutting-edge Korean women painters rooted in the classic traditions of Korean art. During his early years in Indonesia he became the conductor for the Sultan of Jogjakarta’s orchestra.Never before has it been possible in the West to acquaint oneself with the entire history of Indian painting at a single exhibition. 5/82 © Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Museum für Islamische Kunst, Foto: I. 4886 © Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Museum für Islamische Kunst Fliese mit der Darstellung von König Bahram Gur und Fitne. Franken Rostam ringt mit Puladvand„ Kleines Diez-Schahname“. Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin PK, Orientabteilung, Diez A fol. C.), impressive for its size, as well as several stone images of the Indus Gods Vishnu and Shiva from different periods (6th-11th centuries) from India and Nepal. A particular highlight of the show is a charming terracotta fragment of Dancing Shiva from 5th/6thcentury Eastern India, Bihar or Bengal, originally part of a rectangular panel that occupied a ghanadvara (solid aperture) on a temple wall. Courtesy John Eskenazi Ltd Indian Miniature Paintings from the Lloyd Collection will be presented by London-based dealers Oliver Forge & Brendan Lynch Ltd. The exhibition comprises a remarkable group of 25 Mughal, Rajput and Deccani miniature paintings mainly assembled in the 1970s and ’80s by a private English collector. The collection, amassed by a private American collector over a 20-year period, contains exquisite examples of Indian miniature painting as well as sculptural masterpieces from India, Nepal & Tibet. These works hail from prestigious private collections in both America and Europe; works range in date from the 2nd century A. Kim Gyu-Jin, Chrysanthemum and Rocks, late 19th centiry, Joseon dynasty, ink. Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Oriental Studies, St. In 1927, Spies moved to Bali and became both mentor and student, as he staged art exhibitions, re-arranged native music and re-choreographed the traditional Balinese dancing, while simultaneously absorbing the visual impact of native artwork and temple carvings based on Sanskrit mythology.He is depicted in the form of Nyima Oser, one of his eight manifestations (est. Inset stones and based seal with original contents; In the appearance of a mahasiddha he gazes directly ahead with a benevolent expression. Twenty-two Paintings and Calligraphy from the Collection of Chai Sian Kwan (Lots 1128-1149) performed exceptionally well as Chinese buyers throughout Asia sought works with the renowned provenance of a collector who was known not only for his discerning eye but also the special relationships he enjoyed with many of the artists whose works he collected. Regis has just opened in the heart of Osaka’s central business district (location, location).Adorned with a skull crown around a high topknot, he wears an incised sash across his right shoulder that partially covers a large pectoral secured by four double-beaded bands tied by Provenance: Sotheby’s, London, June 13 and 14, 1988, lot 106 Collection of Kate Kemper Christie’s, New York, September 23, 2004, lot 156The identity of this sculpture has been subject to variations over the past twenty years. Overall the sale results clearly show that Chinese collectors still favors classical paintings over contemporary ones.. The 160 room hotel features Kawashima silk wall coverings and Kyoto silk bedding, two restaurants (the signature Rue D’or, a classic French bistro, and La Veduta with rustic Italian cuisine) and a signature Remède Spa (love the smell of their products! Meanwhile, a Waldorf Astoria just opened quietly in Shanghai, with just a few suites available for now. Zetterquist Galleries has selected more than 50 pieces for their historical importance and beauty and will offer a rare opportunity to view together 17 centuries of the Vietnamese ceramic tradition. Buddha Amitayus, 1779-1780, from the Xumifushou Temple, Chengdu, China. Lieberman Exhibition of Jewels from Mughal India and South East Asia will be presented by Sue Ollemans Oriental Art from London, exhibiting this year at Valentina Gallery Inc., 960 Madison Avenue, 2nd Floor, and will feature jewels dating from the 17th 19th centuries and related objects. Courtesy Carlton Rochell Asian Art John Siudmak Asian Art of London will present Indian and Himalayan Sculptures and Thankas from the Collection of the Late Simon Digby at C. Highlights will include the bronze and stone sculpture of the Western Himalayas, including Kashmir and Swat, but other parts of north India, particularly the Pala sculpture of Bihar and Bengal, will also be well represented. Courtesy Doris Wiener, LLC Nancy Wiener, exhibiting this year at Trezza Gallery, 39 East 78th Street, Suite 603, will show Indian and Southeast Asian Sculpture, Jewelry, and Works on Paper from 300 BC to the Present. Courtesy Trezza Gallery Art of the Past will also be exhibiting during Asia Week New York 2011; exhibitions details will be forthcoming. Robuchon promises his famous potato puree will be on the menu… Sotheby’s HK is still in the mist of its Fall auction, which has achieved some very strong results, so it’s probably the right time for Christie’s to announce some of the details of its fall sale of Southeast Asian Modern and Contemporary Art, which will take place on 29 November.


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