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By winning the local contests at the age of ten, Alison entered in the music industry and today she is one of the successful singers with number of fans and well wishers.

Her career so far has given everything that she deserves.

But Alison accepted the proposal and their wedding was a private ceremony the same year.

With the independent album, Different Strokes, Alison Krauss made her recording debut in the year 1985.

At the age of sixteen, Alison released her debut album Too Late to Cry.

"In a maternal, protective way, she found most of my boyfriends at the time lacking, and once told me I needed someone who was more my equal like ‘that wonderful actor on .'"Oh yes, she was talking about Mr. Not about ourselves, but about the world and books and family. It was like, ‘You like me, and I like you.' It gave me an understanding of life," Lauren shared with .

"Nobody really knew about it for a while, probably a year."As a new year begins for Lauren, both the actress and Peter show no signs of feeling rushed to get engaged or take another step in their relationship.

At the same time, they have been savoring a relatively private life together as boyfriend and girlfriend.

While the pair rarely walks red carpets together and PDA pictures on Instagram are almost an oddity, the love between these two talented stars is something that deserves some recognition.

One of Hollywood's most stable relationships may just be one fans know the least about.

For more than seven years, Lauren Graham and Peter Krause have been succeeding on the small screen with a variety of projects.

She has not been even in the dating pool, let alone thinking of marriage. I asked Dan Tyminski -- Union Station's guitarist -- if he wouldn't stay in the house with me.


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