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We were led to a reserved table in the center of the room. In my singing career, I’m used to being on stage, entertaining others.

He immediately ordered a bottle of wine, and a server left to get it from my date’s personal collection in the cellar. This date was a performance as well, but I was acting in a way that didn’t feel true to myself — as an “exotic” woman at a stranger’s side.

The more coastal Mira Flores offers tranquil beaches, Mediterranean style hotels and a chance to watch hang-gliders soar from the rocks into the sunset.

Yet every corner of this magical city offers a chance to meet an exotic, affectionate Peruvian princess! Men travel the world around to meet sincere, lovely foreign ladies.

He started the conversation by telling me how he had become a member of the restaurant. At that moment, I realized the power and privilege that lay with the hunter — and how entitlement can make rules irrelevant. READ MORE: 5 secrets behind the League, the Harvard of dating apps What happens when the man who assaulted me pops up on Tinder Women’s #Me Too posts reminded me I had been that awful guy.

He seemed proud to have negotiated that particular deal. The man working in the range, who instructed me how to shoot, pretended not to notice. Afterward, we sat for an elaborate seven-course Italian meal. As the waiter refilled our glasses, I listened and smiled as we continued to talk about, well, him. After a polite goodbye hug outside the restaurant, we parted ways.

I was heartened by his kind demeanor — he was warm and gentlemanly — and I was determined to make the best of the evening.

Yet I couldn’t ignore a vague sense of being a commodity.

But of the few relationships I’ve experienced, none have lasted. Male privilege hung in the air like stuffed game on a wall. Italian servers glided around with effortless efficiency. I could feel a roomful of eyes directed at me and wondered how they saw me.


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