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Its troops currently are in South Sudan, where it's taken sides in the civil war, supporting President Salva Kiir against former Vice President Riek Machar. Kutesa was censured by Uganda's Parliament in 1999 in a vote of 152 - 94 by the nation's lawmakers for enriching himself through conflict of interest. This cynical approach repudiates everything President Obama said when he addressed Ghana's Parliament in 2009: the president said the days of African tyrants were over. Pierre Moukoko Mbonjo, who had withdrawn in order to allow a clear path for Mr. The rape victims and massacre survivors of Uganda's multiple invasions of Congo, where an estimated 7 million people have perished, are watching. Human Rights Watch has issued a report that forces of the Museveni/Kiir alliance may have been responsible for the use of banned cluster bombs in the war and called for an investigation. ambassador to Uganda Jerry Lanier in a cable to the State Department on October 17, 2009, said Mr. Museveni was unwilling to hold accountable for corruption. Parliament found that he had used his post as then minister of finance to divert funds from the national airlines, Uganda Airlines, to benefit a private company Entebbe Handling Services (ENHAS), of which he was Chairman. So are the victims of political repression and violence in Uganda, including against the LGBT community.

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Surely appeals for you to take action and block Mr. Museveni's regime, and his confidante, will not fall on deaf ears, Mr. To their credit, Senators Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand, separately, sent me statements raising strong objections to Mr. New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer has also issued a statement of objection.

Senator Schumer says: I am deeply concerned by the homophobic legislation recently passed by the Ugandan parliament and signed into law by its president.

(And by the way I don't recall that you ever issued a statement about the alleged use of cluster bombs.) 4. Kutesa has been involved in numerous serious alleged corruption scandals in Uganda dating over 15 years. ENHAS had entered a 50/50 business arrangement with Uganda Airlines. Museveni's, even some of the militia leaders conclude that "human rights" and the "rule of law" are meaningless words -- all that an African dictator need do is claim to be a U.

In addition to being censured for "serious conflict of interest" Parliament was also told that Mr.

"We also share in the vision of the United Nations to promote respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms for all regardless of race, sex, language or religion.

I urge the United Nations to remain true to its mission of inclusiveness and respect for all for any candidate pursuing a position of leadership at the UN." I hope more members of Congress and other elected officials take a strong stand and let Mr.Dear Secretary John Kerry, Since I first wrote my Open Letter to you on April 30, a total of 6,992 people have now signed the Petition on calling on you to revoke the U. It would be a great travesty and shame to the reputation of the UN, exposing the global body to more public ridicule, if Mr. and much of the world would also lose a great opportunity to rebuke Mr. Museveni for the odious anti-Gay law the latter signed on Feb. Sam Kutesa to prevent him from becoming the next President of the United Nations General Assembly based here in New York.He retained himself as a signatory and added other aides and colleagues, including Gen. However, two points of consideration: (1) You are aware that the UN's Somalia and Eritrea Monitoring Group has considered imposing an arms embargo because many of the weapons sent to support the Somalia and Uganda forces battling al-Shabab militia may have ended up being sold to them instead. Salim Saleh, a younger brother of the president, Gen. According to Parliamentary testimony in Uganda, Mr. Dick Turinawe, who was then General Manager of Uganda Airlines. Turinawe had for months demanded financial accountability from Mr. Turinawe: "I hope you live to read those documents." Mr. Kutesa does not belong anywhere near the United Nations administration let alone as President of the General Assembly. Secretary after Senator Schumer issued his statement objecting to Mr. This makes sense, appalling as it may sound: the Ugandan regime knows that were it to defeat al-Shabab outright, it would no longer enjoy the scandalous relationship with Washington that allows it to get away with gross human rights abuses simply because it's considered a "partner" in the war on terror. Kutesa as the airlines was kept in the dark regarding what was supposed to be joint finances. Turinawe refused to return potentially incriminating documents that an aide to Mr. Kutesa's candidacy, your spokesperson sent me a statement saying you had also opposed Uganda's anti-Gay law and that you made this clear publicly, and directly, to the Ugandan leadership. Secretary your spokesperson did not respond to my question concerning your own position regarding Mr.


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