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Now the LA District Attorney is looking into ONE particular claim – we don’t know which one yet…

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Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA co-founder Paul Marciano, 66, learned that one of the company’s most famous models, Kate Upton, accused him of sexual misconduct, like most entitled white men he was outraged and furiously denied all charges and demanded details.

Keep in mind, Moroccan-French Marciano was born in a country with an abysmal human rights record for women- rapists could avoid punishment by MARRYING the victim, and wife-beating is perfectly acceptable.

But along came Jamaican born actress Parisa Fitz-Henley, 41, and it was a done deal.

With astonishingly arrogant contempt for voters, some say MPs and peers should ignore the result, while the SNP’s ever-opportunist Nicola Sturgeon threatens to invoke a contentious clause in the Scottish constitution to block it.

Anwar doesn’t hesitate to wear the bag to black tie or casual events, and doesn’t consider it a challenge to his masculinity.

(Remember, he has a gorgeous girlfriend five years older than he is.) What we’d like to know is: what’s IN that bag.Yes, a 24 hour Scientology station is in the works.Back in 2011, the “church” (estimated worth in untaxed real estate: 1.5 billion) bought the KCET Hollywood Studios for 42 million dollars.We’re eager to see how this develops – meanwhile – no more Guess jeans.Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News One minute Courtney Stodden is proclaiming love for her ex-husband Doug Hutchison, 57, and the next minute she’s moving in with a wealthy younger guy!C’mon, Heidi we KNOW you have a story or two – why won’t you share them with us?


  1. A lot of Schumer’s other work deals with this: Women hating on other women or judging other women.

  2. Anne Frank is about the dangers of hatred and prejudice. I do keep a journal, but I don't write in it as often as I should. The reason I love the library, besides all the great books, is that I don't bring along a telephone, so I can work without interruptions. Lately, I've tried to get more emotionally involved I want the reader to feel something about the subject. Knowing I'm going to do so much rewriting makes the first draft easier. It's a coming-of-age story as Tommy assumes more responsibilities at home as his mother becomes less able to care for Tommy and his father. The radio schedule and the weather is also accurate.

  3. First, all your logic will run in some kind of environment that provides logging, configuration, other external data such as templates and/or some global application state.

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  6. Enforcer Contract #CIL201009-6: Investigation of possible interdimensional threat: Type-D.

  7. Zetterquist Galleries has selected more than 50 pieces for their historical importance and beauty and will offer a rare opportunity to view together 17 centuries of the Vietnamese ceramic tradition. Buddha Amitayus, 1779-1780, from the Xumifushou Temple, Chengdu, China. Lieberman Exhibition of Jewels from Mughal India and South East Asia will be presented by Sue Ollemans Oriental Art from London, exhibiting this year at Valentina Gallery Inc., 960 Madison Avenue, 2nd Floor, and will feature jewels dating from the 17th 19th centuries and related objects. Courtesy Carlton Rochell Asian Art John Siudmak Asian Art of London will present Indian and Himalayan Sculptures and Thankas from the Collection of the Late Simon Digby at C. Highlights will include the bronze and stone sculpture of the Western Himalayas, including Kashmir and Swat, but other parts of north India, particularly the Pala sculpture of Bihar and Bengal, will also be well represented. Courtesy Doris Wiener, LLC Nancy Wiener, exhibiting this year at Trezza Gallery, 39 East 78th Street, Suite 603, will show Indian and Southeast Asian Sculpture, Jewelry, and Works on Paper from 300 BC to the Present. Courtesy Trezza Gallery Art of the Past will also be exhibiting during Asia Week New York 2011; exhibitions details will be forthcoming. Robuchon promises his famous potato puree will be on the menu… Sotheby’s HK is still in the mist of its Fall auction, which has achieved some very strong results, so it’s probably the right time for Christie’s to announce some of the details of its fall sale of Southeast Asian Modern and Contemporary Art, which will take place on 29 November.

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