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Tiara Thomas, the dog's owner, also had four pit bull puppies in her home.

Thomas was cited for a litany of misdemeanor violations.

The coroner's website listed Martin as a, "victim of dog mauling." When police officers arrived, the rottweilers lunged at them, causing an officer to shoot and kill one of the dogs.

The other two dogs were confiscated and euthanized, according to Weeks.

Officials captured one 30-pound female pit bull shortly after the attack.

That dog was "covered in blood" later determined to match Bell, according to Christopher Newport, a city spokesman for the BARC animal shelter.

On June 4, 2014 a Comal County grand jury indicted Rachelle Lucas, 47, and Peter Lucas, 49, both of Canyon Lake, for allowing their two pit bulls to roam free and cause the death of Betty Clark.

Both are facing a second-degree felony charge of attack by dog resulting in death.

[source citations] Klonda Richey, 57-years old, was brutally attacked, stripped naked and killed by her neighbor's two dogs in front of her home.

Her death was "very traumatic, and very painful," according to the Montgomery County Coroner's Office.

The grandson told police his dogs had no history of aggressive behavior.

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