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If we made migrations discover I don't agree with this comment.

IMHO, a migration is a python package just like any other, and should be treated as such.

If some development practices have an issue with that it's their problem - not django's.

django pyc not updating-37

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Due to issue, there was a change in migrations.loader ( Previously, migrations were found if they had a .py, .pyc, or extension. Perhaps it would be possible to add a check if Django is running in a frozen environment: Well, we'd have to introduce a setting if we wanted to make this work (a la SOUTH_INCLUDE_PYC), and I'm somewhat averse to adding more settings than necessary.

It's just waiting for a patch that implements it as a non-default option.

I also agree with Shai that a setting is more appropriate than a flag, because this is a property of a deployment, not a particular invocation.

This would also allow things like a network loader for example.

Pay particular attention to backwards incompatible changes to get a clear idea of what will be needed for a successful upgrade. B 2), it’s usually easier to upgrade through each feature release incrementally (A. For each feature release, use the latest patch release (A. In most cases it will be necessary to upgrade to the latest version of your Django-related dependencies as well.

Out of the 7 python packages it needs, only Django needs patching to behave nicely in a frozen zip-file... (I would guess that none of your other six dependencies have a situation with similar constraints to Django migration files).

As I said before, I'm in favor of a patch that would change your case from "Django needs patching" to "Django needs a non-default flag/setting." That's why this ticket is in Accepted state.

In these cases you may have to wait until new versions of your dependencies are released.


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