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which dates it to the late 1910s to early 1920s most likely, meaning this was probably one of "those" legal medicines that one could still purchase during National Prohibition without getting thrown in jail!Neat labeled medicinal tonic and Western manufactured bottle. which was probably the largest producer of druggist (aka "pharmacy") bottles between the late 1870s and maybe 1920 or so (although the company continued into the mid-ish 1930s).

Condition is immaculate with no chips, cracks, nicks, staining or any other post production damage..fact, it looks to have never been buried.

I've only seen a few of these through the years and believe them to be quite rare - certainly very rare in this essentially perfect condition. HOOFLAND'S - GERMAN - TONIC This is embossed on three non-indented sides (4th side for label).

$125 Bark-Root Tonic - Celro-Kola Co., Portland, Ore.

(label only) - This is an early machine-made labeled tonic bottle that has a great original-to-this-bottle label as noted, which was a "mild laxative averaging 25% alcohol." This is a somewhat later product of the Celro-Kola Co. There are at least two earlier embossed versions of this bottle dating from the 1900 to 1910s era - one mouth-blown, one machine-made.

$65 COLUMBIAN / TONIC / (very elaborate CT with TRADE MARK) / COLUMBIAN / MEDICINE CO / FRANKLIN / OHIO - Talk about lots of bold embossing! This bottle likely dates from the mid-ish 1890s as I suspect the name was inspired by the 1892-1893 Columbian Exposition in nearby Chicago?

This oversized "prescription" type (a "Blake" style) bottle is strongly embossed for a patent medicine instead of a pharmacist, i.e., "Columbian Tonic." The bottle has a tooled "prescription" style finish (aka "lip"), is 8" tall with a smooth base which is faintly embossed with W. The glass is just about crystal clear with just a slight manganese dioxide induced "pink" tint, which is visible in the image.There is also must faintest wisps of haze a couple edges inside..hard to see.This bottle also has some cool glass particles imbedded in the base and a couple sand grain sized glass fragments standing out from the lower size below the "S" in KURNITSKI'S (click images to enlarge) - all in making and caused by glass from previous bottles coming off in the mold.0 - This bottle is one of the oldest I have for sale and among the earliest embossed patent medicines bottles made in the United States.It is also one of a small handful of over 4 sided medicine bottles that are embossed on every side - six embossed sides in this case.The lip is a short, tapered banded example that was tooled or rolled over to the outside to form it.


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