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So, clearly they were intelligent and acted intelligently and had the ability to learn.If not, they would have repeatedly had to ask God for every single little thing like, “God will it be okay to place my foot in this spot? Further, they couldn’t die, which would have protected them from what for us would be deadly mistakes.” (Isaiah/Isa ) as they will when anyone does such a thing.

But simply, there is no indication in the Bible anywhere that teaching a child about sex is immoral.

There is a common sense teaching however, that even though some things are not said to be wrong, that that doesn’t mean they should be done.

It’s a plain contradiction and makes God out to be a perverted villain, and someone who tempts people to do wrong like Satan does.

6) The Bible doesn’t say that the forbidden fruit would impart technical knowledge on all subjects let alone sex, God simply said that it would impart the knowledge of good and evil, and he didn’t even say if he meant every single aspect of what good and evil are, or just the basics.

There was a Mormon couple in my house months ago, and they were, or rather the husband mostly, explaining to me how Adam and Eve were literally like zombies, “just there” as one half-black Mormon missionary put it, till they sinned by eating of the forbidden fruit, and since God wanted them to become gods like him, the sin was actually a good thing.

Many true Christians when reading what I just said will no doubt to me recall this verse: “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!

There is no indication in the Bible that it was a sin for God to teach them about sex, either directly or indirectly.

3) The Mormons, without evidence for doing so, link adulthood with the ability to learn about sex, or it being morally allowable for them to learn about sex, and linked adulthood with knowledge of right and wrong.

Yet these Mormons that told me the sex-fruit story never brought this up, and acted completely ignorant about this.

Furthermore, the Mormon claim that Adam and Eve were doing nothing might also be said as, “They were just bored because there wasn’t much for them to do but hang around the Garden.” Not much to do?

I’m guessing their “divine prophet” and narcissist founder Joseph Smith had been asked by someone, probably a follower, about how they learned, and wondered how exactly it happened, and Joseph, knowing it would be awkward to many to say, “God showed them how” or just told them, fobbed it off by basically blaming the fruit for doing it. ” The husband also said he had wondered for a long time why God would tell them to be fruitful and multiply when they wouldn’t have figured out how unless they ate of the fruit, and gave me the example of it being like a father trying to teach his son a lesson by putting him out alone in a dangerous world and forcing him to sin so that he’d know what it was like to be evil.


  1. The Talmud was put on trial and was subsequently burned in 1242.

  2. Advertisements that detail what each individual prostitute will do (oral sex, anal sex, etc.) are a common sight in the country, although many prostitutes disregard the law.

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