Delphi xe2 options project updating

To add your own custom task pane to MS Project, first add a new User Control to your project.

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Delphi xe2 options project updating

To add code which will run when a user clicks on a custom item on the task context-menu, we first need to generate an event handler for the On Click event in a similar fashion as we’ve created it for a ribbon button.

To display the task on which the user right-clicked, as well as the name and duration, add the following code to the On Click event handler: Since Office 2010, the original File menu has been replaced by the Backstage view.

This will display the ADXTask Pane Collection Editor dialog, add a new item to the collection and set the following properties on it: The final result should resemble the following in Microsoft Project 2013: Thank you for reading.

Automatic updates for software applications’ mobile apps have become an everyday occurrence for most users.

Its object model does not feel quite as polished as the Microsoft Word, Outlook, Power Point and Excel object models.

I guess you could say this comes down to the fact that not as many people have MS Project installed and in turn there are not that many developers writing add-ins for it.The Backstage view provides a supercharged menu structure that contains information about your MS Project file and gives the user access to a number of functions.The backstage view is a good location to place things like settings and options for your add-in.We use check paper when printing your pay stubs, you can also print out your pay stub on check paper.The main brands for our Blank Check Paper are Quickbooks, Quicken, Versa Check any of theses brands will do as long it is 3 part with the blank check at the top and the two bottom portions of the paper are for stub information.For a user it provides a level of comfort to know that their software is always up to date with the latest and greatest version.


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