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El jet lag del vuelo transoceánico, sumado a las dos cajetillas de tabaco rubio diarias, no me ayudaban para nada en la delicada salud que desde hace unos años arrastro.

We, as members, are so fortunate to have her and Enrique cover events for those viewers that can't attend.

As a bonus, she provides her gift to the world and makes each person she comes into contact with feel unique and positive.

Each time I'm impatient to watch the new event, to meet smiling people.

With her charm, her talent and her enthusiasm, Jenny brings a ray of sunshine.

This young lady has made a niche for herself in the world of and that is a hard thing to do.

Jenny, I hope you never change your love of life and zest for it.

We have all been friends for many years and I told her no and that shocked her.

I also grew up during the 60's when burning bras and draft cards was the thing to do. After watching several episodes I felt I needed to make this comment.

I thoroughly agree with you on equal rights for women. I would like to express my appreciation to you and my fellow members of

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