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Three Mexicans were killed, mutilated and dumped in the street with their severed heads inside sombreros ahead of the country's independence day celebrations.

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The hats were decorated with the colors of the national flag in reference to the upcoming celebrations.

The shocking way their bodies were mutilated and displayed indicates they were most likley murdered by a drugs cartel.

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One of the most frequent topics I see in the manosphere and alt-right is paeans to the superior desirability White women.

The band made it clear in a statement that Leon had left the group dive years ago, adding that 'none of our current members have been involved in any illicit.'Leon, his brother and Juarez's bodies were found just a few streets from the municipal palace in the center of the city.

On the same day as the bodies were discovered, another man was killed while walking on a public highway while his companion was injured.

Perhaps, the hat - which is tied to celebration and festivals - was a way of mocking the deaths of the victims. The Nuestra Familia or Nortenos cartel - a gang associated with North California but with ties to Mexico - has one of its symbols as the sombrero.

Sombrero left with the decapitated bodies could indicate their deaths were at the hands of the Nuestra cartel, whose rivals are the Mexican Mafia, or that they were members who crossed the wrong people.

A people who have lived all their lives in a prison of collective guilt are amazed when sunlight they forgot even existed starts pouring in through a crack in the cold, damp rock walls.

It is a mistake though, to think heaping yet more praise on the women is part of the process of revival.

Then the next article on x site is always outrage that Blacks or Muslims are abusing White women. Do they think their precious White women are going to come rushing back into their patriarchal arms in response to this rhetoric? These guys are prostrating themselves for the privilege of defending women who are not theirs.


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