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Let’s turn to how things work then, and figure this one out.

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In the previous post we’ve touched on where a HW VTEP can sit in your network topology-wise, as well as what components need to communicate for the overall solution to work.

The Connectivity Needs diagram in that post showed that we have two distinct IP routing domains: one supporting Management and Control plane, while another supporting Data Plane and, to an extent, bits of control plane related to HW VTEP – namely BFD sessions to Replication Nodes.

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But what if I told you there were a way to determine whether or not an email is valid without resorting to regular expressions at all? The activation email is a practice that’s been in use for years, but it’s often paired with complex validations that the email is formatted correctly.

It’s surprisingly easy, and you’re probably already doing it anyway. If you’re going to send an activation email to users, why bother using a gigantic regular expression?

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After you’ve deployed and configured your VCS fabric, the first test to conduct is to check if your VCS Virtual IP can reach your Controllers.

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