dating with married - Outlook hangs updating cached messages

Additional optimizations are also made to reduce the amount of data sent over the connection.By offering different levels of optimization, Outlook can adapt to changing connection environments, such as disconnecting from a corporate LAN, going offline, and then reestablishing a connection to the server via a slower dial-up connection.

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In a slower connection environment, the Offline Address Book is also not automatically updated.

However, you do have the option of manually requesting the update.

Use Cached Exchange Mode to work with items in your Microsoft Exchange Server mailbox even when your network connection is slow or unavailable.

You cannot use Cached Exchange Mode with a POP or IMAP account.

To turn on or off shared folder support when you are using Cached Exchange Mode, do the following: Cached Exchange Mode provides you with a better experience when you use a Microsoft Exchange account. This copy provides quick access to your data and is frequently updated with the mail server.

If you work offline, whether by choice or due to a connection problem, your data is still available to you instantly wherever you are.For example, you may use a laptop computer at your office and connect via a network cable to your corporate local area network (LAN).You have access to headers and full items, including attachments.If Outlook is stuck in Offline mode, see Work offline in Outlook.Cached Exchange Mode enables a better experience when you use an Exchange account.If a connection from your computer to the server running Exchange isn't available, Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 switches to Trying to connect or Disconnected.


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