Dating boyfriends best friend

Yes, your friend knows what your boyfriend’s balls look like. Yes, she may even know what it’s like to be cradled to sleep by his strong, warm big-spoon hug, but so what?

My friend Anthony has been dating his boyfriend for a little over a year and a half and unequivocally calls him his best friend.

“He’s the only person who can make fun of me without making me mad,” he said.

Is it important for your romantic partner to also be your best friend?

Has this trope sufficiently muddied the definition of “best friendship?

On the other hand, my idea of a good marriage would be to someone you absolutely consider your best friend (i.e.

tell everything to, know better than anyone, prefer over everyone, have the most fun with), but I totally get that not everyone feels that way. Do you think she’d call Big her best friend, even after they were married? Her best friend is obviously still Miranda.”Miranda forever!!!!!

That suggestion is perplexing to me because I’ve been dating the same person on and off for 11 years, and while I would probably consider him my favorite human on the planet (the only serious competition being my mom), as well as one of my closest friends on said planet, I’m not sure I would call him a friend, based on the strict definition of the term.

I define a best friend as someone who can empathize (i.e.

I was super annoyed he wouldn’t call me his best friend, but he made the point that he still wouldn’t tell me everything…like, I don’t know, gross bowel movement stuff.

I couldn’t argue with that [laughs].”She said that changed when they started talking about getting engaged, however:“Now we both call each other ‘best friend,’ but I also think I define best friend differently now, having gone through that transition in our relationship.

She swears she had no real feelings for him and that he didn’t for her. I mean, if they liked one another, they would be dating and I wouldn’t be with him, right?


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