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(BZ#436070) * the "setfacl" command failed to resolve relative symbolic links when it encountered them unless they were specified with a trailing forward-slash character (in the case of relative symbolic links to directories), or the script or shell prompt's working directory was the directory which contained the relative symbolic link(s).

With this update, relative symbolic links are handled correctly by setfacl regardless of where they are encountered or what their target is.

error validating location cannot access cvsroot-28

At allows you to specify that a command will be run at a particular time.

Batch will execute commands when the system load levels drop to a particular level. * previously, the atd daemon ran with hard-coded options and could only be configured at the command-line.

(BZ#507747) * the acpid package that was included with the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4 update contained a package update script that returned a non-zero exit code when the the /var/log/acpid log file did not exist.

However, if the acpid daemon had never been started on the system, and therefore /var/log/acpid did not exist, the faulty check caused the update process to fail, which could have resulted in two different acpid packages being installed on the same system and registered with the RPM database (rpmdb).

(BZ#368451) * running the "setfacl" command with the '-P' flag, which is the short form of the '--physical' option, which is supposed to cause "setfacl" to skip over any symbolic links it encounters, did not work as expected: symbolic links were still followed.

This update fixes this so that the '-P' flag works as expected and symbolic links are silently skipped over.(CVE-2009-4029) Avahi is an implementation of the DNS Service Discovery and Multicast DNS specifications for Zeroconf Networking.It facilitates service discovery on a local network.In previous releases, the APR utility library DBD (database abstraction) interface did not include support for My SQL databases.This update adds the My SQL driver to the DBD interface.(BZ#252073, BZ#491342) "At" and "Batch" read commands from standard input or from a specified file.Note: although based on a proposed upstream patch, this update leaves secure memory enabled, unlike the proposed upstream change.


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