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Said one research psychologist who observed the team in May: ‘You can’t figure out if you’re in yoga class or a pro team’s conference room.’ RENTON, Wash.

– Jimmy Graham, an all-star tight end, quickly learned things were different with the Seattle Seahawks after he arrived this spring from the New Orleans Saints in an offseason trade.

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Carroll's current contract runs through the 2019 season after he signed an extension in the summer of 2016.

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Carroll, 66, is the oldest active coach in the NFL, and has been leading Seattle since 2010.

Throughout his tenure, he holds a 79-47-1 record while leading the Seahawks to a Super Bowl win against the Broncos to cap the 2013 season.

“Football has an old-school mentality: We’re going to grind you into the ground, we’re going to make men out of boys, and when you do something bad, we’re going to demean you,” Graham said.

“But here, they feel like you guys are already men and we’re going to treat you like men.“In these high-stakes environments, there isn’t the luxury to pick and choose the right variables,” said Gervais, who has formed a consulting business with Carroll called Win Forever.“So it’s a deep focus on the right things and then having the mental, physical and emotional skills to adjust or dictate.” Soft-spoken and deliberate, Gervais said he had been able to get his message across because Carroll had built a team that valued keeping an open mind, not just following orders, borrowing some principles from yoga but incorporating a range of New Age and unconventional thinking.Seahawks fans can rest assured that coach Pete Carroll isn't planning on retiring just yet.After reports began to circulate that Carroll may retire this offseason, the coach took to Twitter to deny all rumors.But Gervais said he reminded players they were not defined by a single event, even a Super Bowl loss.

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