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“For two years, I put up with verbal and even physical abuse,” she said, referring to an ex-boyfriend.

“It’s one of the worst things I have ever experienced.

Wedding receptions will have music, but they will not have dancing except for the Blue Danube Waltz.

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I didn’t want that kind of life.” She contacted UNFPA through the initiative’s Facebook page, eager to share her story for the benefit of other survivors.

“I’m so happy to know there are campaigns to address this issue, to get people to talk about it, so other girls can understand they’re not alone if they’re going through a similar experience,” she said.

“Fear should never be the starting point to get what you want in a relationship,” said Enrique Riera, the Minister of Education and Science.

“Things can only work if there is love, and true love involves the happiness of the two.” Laura agrees. “While he always said he loved me, abuse was a constant. I deserved to be hurt, humiliated and mistreated by him,” she said. He would follow me everywhere I went, and threatened me so many times I lost count…

The initiative is also disseminating messages about positive relationships to 2,500 secondary school students in Asunción and other cities in five of the country’s departments.

The initiative is accompanied by a mass media campaign – called Block the Violence – designed to reach young people through television and radio ads, videos, billboards, social media posts and brochures.The Fundamentals of a Paraguay Wedding One of the most important things to keep in mind about modern Paraguayan weddings is the fact that they have a tendency to be very practical.People in Paraguay do not usually spend anywhere near as much money on a wedding as the people in the United States and many other cultures.Brides will usually borrow their dresses, and many other aspects of the ceremony and decorations will be borrowed.The couple will usually deliver their wedding invitations personally as well, given the problems with the Paraguay postal system.Many of campaign’s images are based on real messages exchanged by adolescents and young people. It also focuses on parents, teachers and community members, encouraging everyone to be aware of, talk about and take action against gender-based violence.

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