Extramarital dating site

It was inconvenient for married people to meet others since they had to find partners in some dark circles.

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Run entirely by a team of 20 women, the website is free for female subscribers.

For men, the site offers different subscription packages starting at Rs. When you are married for a few years, you need some excitement which people are now finding online,” said Solène Paillet, 29, head of communications and manager of the all women-team at Gleeden, in a Skype interview from Miami in the US.

The company has witnessed the highest traffic in Mumbai, followed by New Delhi and Bengaluru.“Culturally speaking, infidelity is not accepted well in India.

Indians are using the website more for flirting, which is the first step.

The idea is new in India but people are catching up,” Paillet said.

So far, the online dating industry in India has been dominated by applications (for single individuals) like Tinder, Truly Madly, Woo, Thrill and Happn, according to data from consulting firm KPMG.

Of the total subscribers Gleeden has in India, 75% are men.

There are only 31,200 Indian women subscribers on Gleeden’s website; 90,300 are men.

This is the second prominent hacking of an online dating site in as many months.

New Delhi: In a country where marital infidelity is considered a sin, how difficult will it be for a company, which runs its entire business on the concept of adultery, to make a mark in India? A premium dating website/application for married individuals called Gleeden is making inroads in India and already has over 100,000 subscribers—121,500, to be precise.

Ashley Madison—the dating website whose tag line reads, “Life is short.

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