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Hi, is it possible to downgrade firmware on a Runner 2 to previous version? My average pace readout is useless now (seems to take into account previous run data! I already have a Wahoo Fitness Stride Sensor, and was able to sync it with the Timex watch without a problem (the Wahoo Sensor is about cheaper than the Timex foot pod at Clever Training).

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I’d go so far as to say that if I didn’t already own a Garmin Forerunner 610, I’d be completely pleased with the RT2 as my go-to GPS watch.

In terms of construction, the RT2 is a slightly smaller watch than the original, which makes it much more suitable for all-day wear. the somewhat oval face of the RT1: I’m not crazy about the wristband of the Run Trainer 2.0.

Last year I was contacted by Timex about trying the Run Trainer GPS 1.0.

They sent me a sample, but I had nothing but trouble with it.

It was not intuitive to use (took me forever to even figure out how to start a workout!

), and the watched crashed on me on at least three occasions, all of which required reinstallation of the firmware to get it working again.

There are 5 buttons on the RT2 – rather than list what they do, here’s an image that shows them clearly labeled: Pressing the orange MENU/SELECT button brings up a screen with five options to choose from – the user interface is simple and very intuitive, much better than on both the previous Run Trainer and the Garmin FR610: To start a workout you simply select “Chrono” and the watch asks if you’d like to search for sensors: Sensor options for the Run Trainer 2.0 include GPS, an ANT heart rate monitor, and an ANT foot pod.

The watch can be purchased with or without the heart rate monitor ( price difference), and an optional foot pod is available for purchase separately.

Given my experience with the original, I was interested to see how they might have improved the watch (simply functioning consistently would have been a solid improvement! I’ve now used the Run Trainer 2.0 on and off for a few months, and now feel comfortable formulating a review.

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