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They may feel rage, embarrassment, and humiliation. They are starved for attention, affection and approval.

Many abused women define the psychological effects of domestic abuse as having a ‘more profound effect on their lives- even where there have been life-threatening or disabling physical violence .

Despite this, there is almost always pressure to define domestic abuse in terms of actual or threatened, physical violence.

Children who are exposed to battering become fearful and anxious.

They are always on guard, watching and waiting for the next event to occur.

Seeing their mothers treated with enormous disrespect, teaches children that they can disrespect women the way their fathers do.

Most experts believe that children who are raised in abusive homes learn that violence is an effective way to resolve conflicts and problems.

What behaviors do children who witness domestic violence exhibit?

The emotional responses of children who witness domestic violence may include fear, guilt, shame, sleep disturbances, sadness, depression, and anger (at both the abuser for the violence and at the mother for being unable to prevent the violence).

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Cycle of Domestic Violence Violence in the Suburbs Warning Signs Effects on Children Animal Abuse and DV Safety Planning What Prevents Victimsfrom Leaving Stopping Abuse About Batterers Elder Abuse Teen Dating Violence Bullying Legal Information The Effects of Domestic Violence on Children How many children witness the abuse of their mothers? government statistics say that 95% of domestic violence cases involve women victims of male partners.

It can mean HEARING threats or fighting noises from another room.


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