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In a similar case, Melbourne man, John, said a woman he met online also filmed him without his knowledge and demanded 0 to not release it.

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A Melbourne man who was blackmailed by someone he met on an online dating app says he wants to warn others of the risks.

The man, known as James, said he was chatting to a woman online when she demanded money and threatened to release a video of him, which he was unaware she had filmed, if he did not pay."I'd been at a work function and I'd been drinking and I suppose the conversation got provocative and I was coaxed on webcam to be in a compromising position," he told 774 ABC Melbourne."It then turned into a fairly sophisticated blackmail attempt."The woman demanded James transfer 0 into a Western Union account, or the footage would be exposed to his friends and workmates."Things were said like, 'You don't understand, you're going to wish you were dead once I do this'," he said.

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