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While the government was eager to invest more in electronics defense technology, he saw that Stanford was falling behind.“War research which is [now] secret will be the basis of postwar industrial expansion in electronics…Stanford has a chance to achieve a position in the West somewhat analogous to that of Harvard of the East,” Terman After the war, he lured some of the best students and faculty to Stanford in the barren West by securing sponsored projects that helped strengthen Stanford’s reputation in electronics.

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But instead of basing the team at Terman’s own Stanford lab — a mere It’s hard to imagine Stanford passed over as an innovation hub today.

Users pay (estimates, according to one article, are $20-$40 a month) to contact their matches.

For students, there's Date My, which is billed as a way for students with a email address to make social connections with one another. Date My prides itself on being safe, exclusive, and anonymous.

While only certain schools can register on the site, the idea is to make users invisible to people they already know (though this can be changed in the settings), so they don't have to suffer embarrassment from friends seeing them on the site.

The two Columbia business students who created it call it "anti-Facebook." The site launched in November at NYU and followed with Columbia and schools in California.

While Stanford faculty and students have made notable achievements across disciplines, their role in shaping the epicenter of The Age of Innovation is perhaps one of the top — if not the most unique — distinguishers.

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