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Once, when Edward was resting in his tent, a Muslim assassin broke in and attacked him with a poisoned knife.The prince quickly killed his assailant but was wounded in the arm.

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Eventually Edward escaped, joined forces with Roger Mortimer, Earl of Gloucester, and together they defeated Simon de Montfort at Evesham on August 4, 1265.

By then, Edward was king in all but name, since his father was growing old and was as self-absorbed as ever.

Like most of his Plantagenet dynasty, Edward had a volcanic temper that sometimes erupted into murderous rages.

Generally, though, he was too intelligent to let his anger get the better of him.

6/12/2006 • Military History A case can be made that Edward I was the greatest English king of the Middle Ages.

A strong ruler, he was a man blessed with a strong sense of duty.

He was devoted to his family and took great pleasure in art and architecture.

One of his pet projects was the rebuilding of Westminster Abbey in the Gothic style that was just coming into vogue.

Intoxicated by the chase, he began a single-minded pursuit of his fleeing quarry that took him miles from the battlefield.

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