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In fact, she's among about 120 locals who use such vehicles on a regular basis."It changes your whole dynamic of how you interact with people," she said.

Regardless of how you get around, the Harmonist Labyrinth on the south edge of town is an important stop.

Arthur St.; 800-231-2168; is open daily year-round.

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The climate-controlled archives document what Weinzapfel described as "intentional communities," those early efforts to create an earthly Eden."That desire for community is universal and timeless," Weinzapfel mused.

"I think that is the thing that connects New Harmony today to this history of intentional communities."[email protected] you go Getting there: New Harmony is roughly a five-hour drive south of Chicago.

Unlike most of Indiana, this corner of the state is in the Central time zone.

Visiting there: The Atheneum visitor center (401 N.

Inside the David Lenz House, built in about 1820, visitors can see the comfortable yet simple conditions in which Harmonists lived not as husbands, wives and children but as "brothers and sisters.""They were millennialists.

They thought they were the chosen people," Weinzapfel explained.

Visitors enter via a replica of the Door of Promise, through which Rapp's believers entered a large brick house of worship.

Their strict interpretation of the Bible went out the proverbial window with the arrival of Robert Owen and his followers, many of whom traveled down the Ohio River and then up the Wabash aboard a flatboat known as the Boatload of Knowledge. 2 contains exhibits and artifacts detailing life during Rapp's and Owen's experiments to take life to a higher plane.

Information regarding stays in historic homes can be obtained from the visitor center.

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