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I miss our road trips, combat fitness, long talks and mostly your laugh. Taycia Marie Bertoch, born 21 November 1992, died 10 October 2011 in Utah Our Remembrance My Butterfly, fly high, fly free, your are my inspiration and I will forever live life with you in my heart, in my soul.I will remember you with every sunrise, every sunset, every rainbow and everyday I look into the eyes of my three grandchildren, your Nephews and Niece that you loved so dearly and meant the world to you.The days we spent together, though unfortunately cut short all too soon, were some of the best of my life.

He was a loyal & compassionate friend, a loving father, brother, & son. Eric Scott Henderson, born 21 October 1982, died 29 September 1996 in Bedford, Pennsylvania Our Remembrance Eric was my funny, sensitive, fun loving son.

At his services, we heard many stories of his kindness to other students, an elderly lady, his friends....

"Don't forget: you're here forever," in our hearts.

Bryce Biedermann, born 24 November 1984, died 29 Auigust 2017 in Decorah, Iowa Our Remembrance Bryce will be missed by all those who had the pleasure of knowing him.

Love you forever, Like you for always, as long as I'm living, my baby you'll be.

To the moon and back kiddo - to infinity and beyond ~Mom Madalyn Hope Yates, born 08 August 1997, died 14 April 2014 in Louisville, Kentucky, United States Our Remembrance Maddie Yates, 16, daughter of Eddie and Annis Crabtree Yates, went home to her Heavenly Father on Monday April 14, 2014.

Savannah Leigh Ann Hennen, born 10 April 1994, died in Pennsylvania Our Remembrance Savannah was a bright beautiful girl with a giggle that warmed your heart. David Wayne Colvin, born 01 July 1976, died 28 July 2011 in Indiana, USAOur Remembrance The only man that was 100%. Everything i could ever want,best friend, soulmate,business partners,teacher/student, my mentor,my lover, my everything. Allen Hightower, born 21 December 1982, died 12 April 2016 in Arkansas, United States Our Remembrance A loving child, grandchild, brother, daddy, and uncle gone too soon. He was a very creative talented artist, and taxidermist. Sorry that your life was so painful that you felt the need to end it. Love, Laura Tonya Lynn Horton, born 23 September 1980, died 18 October 1998 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Our Remembrance Tonya Lynn Horton, My angel, my rose, my Tonya....

She took her life at the young age of seventeen and shattered the lives of all who truely knew her. Forever in our hearts, on our minds and forever missed every minute of everyday... Cindy Brobst, born 29-Sept-1976, died 21-Aug-2014 in Dover, Delaware Our Remembrance To my dear friend Cindy - your friendship taught me how to give without judgement and to ask for help when in need.

I miss him and i just want him to come home and cuddle.. Aloha hoalie Joshua Rivas, born 24 February 1993, died 26 June 2013 in Denver, Colorado Our Remembrance My son had the most beautiful eyes , he was a very good son, brother , uncle, grandson , nephew cousin loved by many left us with a hole in our hearts and questions unanswered ..pain was greater then the love we could offer.left us with many beautiful memories and that\\'s what we will remember all the good a beautiful he was as a human !!! Felicia Garcia, born 11 March 1997, died 24 October 2012 in New York, USAOur Remembrance If only Felicia could see the outpouring of love and support from the grief-stricken community.

Love you baby mommy and dad will see you some day soon Shayla Grayce Miller, born 07 October 1999, died 22 September 2014 in Cross Lanes, West Virginia, USOur Remembrance My bestfriend took her own life by a shotgun . If only she knew how many lives she had touched, and how many damaged souls she has left behind.

Please seek help before making such a final decision. Leskowsky, born 02 June 1973, died 07 March 2009 in Cambridge, New York Our Remembrance I miss you so much, uncle John. Nicholas Giesler, born 21 January 1993, died 07 February 2012 in Austin, Texas Our Remembrance Our precious Nico left us just weeks after his 19th birthday.


  1. After much speculation, she announced the news of her fourth pregnancy on social media, writing: "So happy!

  2. Likewise, pursuing a workplace romance is not the right course of action for many in Saskatoon.

  3. This can be due to any number of factors including: There are obviously many other factors, but in many cases the Church has become a place that is extremely unwelcoming for men.

  4. Eventually, she realized that I was never going to love her and she realized that I was always going to love the other woman, so my back-up plan walked out of my life later that year. But I lost them both — simply because I wasn’t willing to make the tough choice that I had to make.

  5. Clay pipes have been used for smoking tobacco from the 17th century onward.

  6. Foley held a press conference to denounce the “revolting” rumors and stated that his sexual orientation was unimportant, but did not specifically deny the rumors.

  7. This limited the freedom of users to mix-and-match third-party hardware and software.

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