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At the extreme end, PTSD is obviously the result of the environment– you need a traumatic event to trigger it– but flashbacks and hyperarousal often feel inevitable and uncontrollable.Indeed, many fetishes are obviously environmental in origin, unless one assumes that genes for fetishes for rubber, stuffed animals, and Catholic schoolgirls lay latent in the genome for tens of thousands of years. But I and my friends all agree who the hottest girls at the bar are. Love poetry was written about the beauty of the “lotus foot,” which was as small as three inches, and the swaying way a woman walked.Oh, and one for the gay men: in ancient Greece small penises were considered heroic and manly and large penises laughable. First, you can agree that beauty norms are to a degree culturally variable, including our own.

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It is a very boring prediction of feminist theory that the genders behave differently from each other.

After all, if you divide children into two random groups and tell half of them to be courageous and half of them to be gentle, one half is probably going to be courageous and the other is going to be gentle.

Symmetrical faces are not simply preferred in the US and the UK: Chinese and Japanese people prefer symmetrical faces, as do the Hadza hunter-gatherer tribe.

(In fact, the Hadza prefer symmetrical faces more strongly than Americans do!

) This is some evidence that humans ‘naturally’ prefer symmetrical faces. Initially, the evidence for WHR as a cross-cultural universal seems pretty slim.

Kenyans prefer a .7 WHR, the same as modern Americans.

The other 10% is femininity, sexual voraciousness, and non-promiscuity.

Women have a dual sex drive, often referred to as “alpha fucks, beta bucks.” Women are primarily sexually attracted to “alpha males,” who are assholes, conventionally masculine, and popular among other women.

[Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Ozy Frantz.

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