At best you might use something like user_fq = collections.defaultdict( int ) for path, dirs, files in os.walk( 'path/to/chat/logs' ): for fn in files: with open( join( path, fn ), "r" ) as source: for line in source: user, timestamp, text = line.split('\t') user_fq[user] = 1 fq_user = collections.defaultdict( list ) for user, fq in user_fq.items(): fq_user[fq].append( user ) top = [] for fq in sorted( fq_user, reverse=True ): top.extend( fq_user[fq] ) if len(top) The point is not that Python is as terse as SQL.


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just open it, append the letter and close it with php. You could downgrade to sending after every word, or even on a return keypress. I would not send every letter over the network, this will needlessly generate a large amount of network traffic and database/file writes.

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