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Weekly outings turned into bi-weekly dates, and to date, she actually hasn’t heard from homeboy since late last month. “I’m just wondering if it’s about him wanting me to help out more.

But as the first handful of dates go by and a pair gets to know each other better, when should a woman start contributing something to the bill?

Yeah, that’s not a conversation we have often, especially not with the people we are dating.

As he pulled out cash to pay the bartender, he answered her question.

However, he was a little shorter than usual with his response. He told her that it would be nice if she chipped in to help out with the logistics of their dates from time to time.

However, 64 percent of men felt that a woman should pick up the tab sometimes, but 76 percent said they felt “guilty” if they made their wishes for shared responsibilities known.

Still, a surprising 44 percent of men said they would STOP seeing a woman who never tried to pay for dates. A young lady by the name of Denise says she thinks a guy she was interested in may have fallen off the radar because she wasn’t stepping up to help him with the cost of dates.

Like, let’s say you meet her and she only has one arm, but then you think, “hey, it might grow back.” You pay for that girl’s drink. What you’ll get is the satisfaction of knowing that you essentially gave someone thirty dollars because society suggests that that’s the right thing to do.

But there are times, and I know this is controversial shit, when a man can get away with not picking up a woman’s tab. And I do mean under NO CIRCUMSTANCES would you see her again.

And even though my spouse rarely allows me to pay at this point, he just appreciates the gesture. Or worse, they may feel as though you think you’re entitled to all of what you’re receiving.

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