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Capote's story in fiction editor Mary Louise Aswell.

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These stories as well as "My Side of the Matter" and "Jug of Silver" helped launch Capote's career and gave him entrée into the New York literary world.

While struggling to work on his first novel, Capote received some assistance from Carson Mc Cullers.

Capote did not do well in school and had repeat the 12th grade at the Franklin School after he and his family returned to Manhattan in 1942.

Instead of studying, Capote spent his nights at the clubs, making friends with Oona O' Neill, the daughter of playwright Eugene O' Neill and writer Agnes Boulton, and her friend heiress Gloria Vanderbilt, among others..

In 1939, the Capotes moved to Greenwich, Connecticut, where Truman enrolled at Greenwich High School.

He stood out among his classmates with his ebullient personality.The 1936-1937 school year proved to be a disaster for Capote.The smallest in his class, he was often picked on by the other cadets.Acclaimed writer Truman Capote was born Truman Streckfus Persons on September 30, 1924, in New Orleans, Louisiana.One of the 20th century's most well-known writers, Capote was as fascinating a character as those who appeared in his stories.Seeking adventure as well as an escape, Capote and his good friend Phoebe Pierce would also go into New York City and scheme their way into some of the most popular nightspots, including the Stork Club and Café Society.


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