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(Note – he did it again – see PHYSICS FACULTY, below). RESIGNED POST AND JOINED FACULTY AS ONLINE INSTRUCTOR. (38) 2017: Chris Loschiavo, Deputy Title IX Coordinator, University of Florida.(13) 2015: Han Reichgelt, Regional Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs, University of South Florida – St. See link for details and documents: (13) 2010: La Vonette Bartley (see John Knight, below), Associate Executive Director in the office of Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Alabama State University. FORMER EMPLOYEE – USED UNIVERSITY EMAIL TO ORDER PORN.“DISMISSED DUE TO INCIDENTS INVOLVING REPORTS OF SEXUAL MISCONDUCT”.

I modify the list as new information is provided, including the removal of cases that no longer meet the criteria.

(7) 2017: Department of Urban and Regional Planning, University of Wisconsin – Madison.

VIOLATED SEXUAL HARASSMENT POLICY FOR SENDING EXPLICIT EMAILS TO STUDENT. (13) 2017 (harassment after 2011), William Gross Magee: Murray State University.

“SUBJECTED [ONE] STUDENT TO SEXUAL HARASSMENT AND CREATED A HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT FOR ALL WOMEN. I was the complainant, but the entire process and outcomes are confidential.

Note that it isn’t only men who are harassers or women being harassed, although the majority of the cases below are of men engaging in a variety of violations of institutional policy relative to women.

I also didn’t include coaches working at universities – that’s a whole other can of worms.Recent reports are easier to find, but notice how these stretch back in 1981.And these are just the cases we heard about through the media.REQUIRED TO TAKE SEXUAL HARASSMENT TRAINING AND ISSUED WRITTEN WARNING. (1) 1989: Darrick Danta, California State University-Northridge. AND 2013: Christopher Romanek, University of Kentucky. (9) 2017: NAME CONFIDENTIAL, INSTITUTION CONFIDENTIAL. See last item on this post (#3 under Experiences as a Post-Tenure Faculty Member): (33) 2017 (for harassment in 2003): Rohit Varma, University of Southern California.VIOLATED UNIVERSITY POLICY OVER RELATIONSHIP WITH STUDENT/SUSPENDED FROM CAMPUS/RESIGNED WITH SEVERANCE. SEXUALLY HARASSED FELLOW UNDER HIS SUPERVISION, FELLOW PAID MORE THAN ,000.I posted links to some of these under the general heading OTHER so that they are at least noted.


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