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" criticisms with a clearly stated prologue, including this bit: Separate and diverse individuals as they may be, my subjects have in comon the inevitable outcome awaiting us all: to live only in memories. I admit that they are most likely prejudiced, somewhat revisionst, and a tad exaggerated here and there.

But were I offered an exact replay of events as they unfolded, I would reject it. I am forcing myself to read the book very slowly so as not to exhaust all the juicy anecdotes quickly.

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The great-grandmother likes hanging out at home, listening to audio books (she’s currently loving a “wonderful” comic vampire novel called , which opened Friday.

She plays Fleeta Mullins, who works with Ashley Judd at a pharmacy and sports an Afro that threatens to overtake the big screen.“It’s a wild wig, it looks like I ate most of the cast,” Goldberg jokes. She’s very odd and very curmudgeonly and kind of funny.”She says her pal, author Adriana Trigiani, wrote the part for her, and she’s happy the movie finally got made from the novel after 12 years of trying to bring it to the screen. Is Goldberg – who writes that she’s busy just trying to figure out what her “evil” cat Oliver wants -- open to it?

Whoopi's Big Book of Relationships." She is also in a new movie "Big Stone Gap." -- Photo by Todd Plitt, USA TODAY contract photographer ORG XMIT: TP 133854 Whoopi Goldberg 10/07/2015 [Via Merlin FTP Drop]“If someone says ‘You complete me,’ run! It’s also the title of her new book from Hachette, which sports the subtitle: “Whoopi’s Big Book of Relationships.”The plain-spoken funny lady isn’t afraid to tell the world what she thinks (her 2010 book , enumerated several hundred pages’ worth of pet peeves).

Her new self-help book offers anything but typical “how to get and keep a man” advice.“I think a lot of what is wrong in relationships, a lot of the reasons we have divorce in the world, is because people get into relationships for the wrong reasons,” Goldberg, 59, says in a backstage chat after her daytime talk-show , she writes that she’s made mistakes (she’s been married and divorced three times and had relationships with Frank Langella and Ted Danson) and wants to share what she’s learned.

As it turns out Billy Held an Oscar wouldn't let me go without reading it and sent me a copy as an early birthday gift. -- and I can't decide if that makes the sometimes unflattering anecdotes more wonderful or more distasteful. Initial reservations aside the book is well written and a real page turner.

Langella even predicts and silences most "they can't defend themselves!He'd act the review with tremendous power and vitriol, exhausting himself and then burn it in his bucket. Glad his real crowning achievement was the Cannon Films adaptation of He-Man (Masters of the Universe), which I saw as a wee child, with my mother, brother and cousins, playing Skeletor, he was pretty much the highlight. I just happened to finally catch "Diary of a Mad Housewife," from 1970 this past weekend. 4rtful: MOST of these people he's talking about have been dead for well over ten years.It was very entertaining.' We ended the tour of the house in Mr. Frank was appropriately snotty and vain in what I think was his first film. There has to be a time where this kind of thing is not only viewed as not amoral but also sort of necessary and I think ten years after death as a minimum is a good starting point for it to be not amoral to publish and fifteen to twenty is a good point for it to start becoming viewed as necessary to publish.1 of 2 select by tim 10/7/15 PM -- New York, NY -- Whoopi Goldberg, backstage at her talk show, "The View" in New York City on October 7, 2015.Goldberg has a new book called "If Someone Says You Complete Me, Run!Laughton's bedroom, not very bright, also suitably tattered, with books by the hundreds. The saying "Don't speak ill of the dead" is, at least I think, more about getting people to respect the FRESHLY dead than about ALL dead people.

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