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They also aren’t web-only shops, which means they have the capital to put some feet on the ground. What isn’t, is the idea of seamlessness and retailer sophistication.From that perspective, few retailers today are successfully executing on all of their omni-channel initiatives. Sure, they have proprietary data on how consumers are using their own channels, but ‘omni’ has Latin roots in the omniscient realm, meaning perceiving all things — not just what is happening on your own channel.Omni-channel marketing, then, becomes more about providing an experience — the omni-channel customer experience — transcending any one medium and simply providing shoppers what they want, when they want.

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At the time the transistor was being developed, radio and television manufacturers were still requesting improved vacuum tubes.”We offer these survey results as important data in furthering the understanding of the modern consumer, which can then be used to distill the omni-channel customer experience down to recognizable touchpoints.

Providing this experience permeates every aspect of your organization, from inventory management to multi-channel marketing campaigns. What innovations occur next is up to the retailers. At a high level, that’s an easy question to answer: almost everyone.

No single formula, algorithm or crystal ball can tell you for sure when and why each individual customer will make a purchase.

A senior citizen looking to buy a smartwatch might be texted a recommendation by a grandchild, then walk into a physical store to purchase.

One consequence of this — albeit a happy one — is that cash flows in from different sources and different devices.

That understanding has been crucial to the development of Square for click-and-mortar businesses, including its POS integration with Big Commerce.They cannot imagine what they don’t know about emergent technologies, new materials, and the like.What customer, for example, would have asked for the microwave oven, Velcro or Post-It Notes?For the first time ever, more Americans shopped online for holiday items — but it was a narrow win.The NRF’s survey found that an estimated 151 million people shopped either in stores, online or both over the weekend.First things first…Omni-channel retail is a modern approach to commerce that focuses on designing a cohesive user experience for customers at every touchpoint.

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