Ecards thanks for dating someone ugly

Our father God,but also,begin to love yourself, you are a beautifull human god made you so,you are not ugly,begin to love your self,if it bothers your health that weight than little by lill work on it,but some of us like me,we goin to be "a little more to love",be blessed.

If he is a man who loves full figured women, you will be satisfied beyund you wildest dreams (O_~) (O_~) the problem here is that usually the guy whom who would like to take an interest in you, may think that you are fat and ugly.

The guy who is interested in you, and can see past you size you find to be______( fill in the blank)Just as much as you want a guy to get to know you, you should also get to know the buy who is interested in you, whom you find to be _____!

Continue to praise God for providing for you, sustaining you, protecting you & delivering you from forces that could have wasted you until your spouse comes begging.

People with low self-esteem and a seared conscience have a NEED to feel as though they are 'better than' you. and demand of non-ugly fat people is almost nill?

Only joking Darlene1..again the answer to that is ITS THE WORLD doing the hiring..worldly non christian people. I've seen some heavy/large/ or whatever you want to call it people working for great companies.

You will find that God makes no mistakes in whatever HE allows and sustains.

In v.14 you will find that you are wonderfully made.

tracy, the fruit of the spirit is about the spirit. to get accurate picture of yourself, spend time with others that need you and appreciate you and not your wallet. My prayer for you is a God gifted gentleman who will love you the way Christ loves.

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