Dependency property binding not updating

window.webpack Manifest={"0":"store-subscriptions.793ec8bdc9b57dec1beb-v22.js","1":"en.1f08e67ec9c529058d77-v22.js","2":"space.shortcuts.79cf74492514ca18b2f4-v22.js","3":"intl.9839ad2f60283749f6a9-v22.js","4":"","5":"","6":"","7":"","8":" This post provides an example of how you can perform view related actions in response to a change to an existing dependency property, in this case the Text Block.

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An element can have multiple computed bindings in its template that refer to the same computing function.

In addition to the dependency types supported by computed properties and complex observers, the dependencies for a computed binding can include string or number literals.

A computed binding is useful if you don't need to expose a computed property as part of the element's API, or use it elsewhere in the element.

Computed bindings are also useful for filtering or transforming values for display.

For more on data flow, see How data flow is controlled.

To bind to a target property, specify the attribute name that corresponds to the property, with an annotation or compound binding as the attribute value: Property names are specified in attribute format, as described in Property name to attribute name mapping.

Now, let’s consider a scenario where you are displaying the present price of a stock in the Text Block and want to perform a different view related action depending on whether the stock price goes up or down.

You might for example want to set the Background property of the Text Block to when the price goes up.

You need to use attribute bindings to affect the following properties: that handles two-way binding correctly.


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