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November 22, 2004, Revised July 18, 2007, September 4, 2007, February 25, 2011 Before the financial crisis, it was possible for some home buyers to consolidate short-term debt into their purchase mortgage, usually to reduce their payments, often making themselves poorer in the process.After 2007, higher down payment requirements made it very difficult.

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However, the increase in loan size from $270,000 to $285,000 increases either the mortgage insurance premium or the interest rate on the purchase mortgage.

It takes only a ¼% rate increase on $285,000 to offset the savings from a 6% rate reduction (including the shift to deductibility) on $15,000 of credit card debt.

The $15,000 second mortgage is also no-cost at 10% for 15 years.

She is in the 25% tax bracket and wants interest loss to be calculated at 2%.

While consolidation in the first mortgage eliminates the high payments on the non-mortgage debt and increases tax savings, these are more than offset by higher mortgage insurance premiums and smaller debt reduction.

Consolidation with the 10% second mortgage, on the other hand, turns out to be slightly profitable.

The consolidation increases the loan from ,000 to ,000, and the ratio of loan to value from 90% to 95%.

If a 95% loan-to-value ratio remains within the lenders underwriting requirements, the consolidation will work, but if 90% is the maximum allowable ratio, it won't.

The calculator measures cost as total monthly payments over the 6-year period; plus the lost interest on those payments (interest that could have been earned but wasn’t); minus the tax savings on interest, including the interest earnings on tax savings; minus the reduction in debt balances over the 6 years.


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