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Sure, different cultures have varying degrees on what different kinds of kisses mean, but it’s safe to say that in the United States, a kiss on the lips shows that you are more than friends.

Of course there are exceptions, but in general, it’s like saying: “I enjoy the time we’ve spent together; I enjoy you, and I definitely don’t see you as a ‘bro.’”I always thought this part about kissing was refreshing.

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Most people head off to college with a new laptop and plenty of dorm essentials in tow.

I had all those things, yes, but I also headed into my freshman year with an odd little stuffed green frog who was holding a heart.

In a world where we’re constantly given mixed messages, and men are increasingly confused on how to act toward women (and vice versa), it’s nice to know that there’s one little litmus test reserved for more-than-just-friends. But of course, for most of us kissing veterans, this clarification can be short-lived.

Just because he’s attracted to you doesn’t mean that he’s clarified what kind of relationship he’s interested in.

While I would never encourage anyone to judge a human being solely based on his ability to lock lips, I have learned over the years that there are some insights a kiss can reveal about a man and your feelings for him.

Yes, the intimacy of a kiss can confuse things, but if you let it, a first kiss can also offer a little insight into the relationship.But too often there seems to be an inordinate amount of attention placed on the significance of the physical stuff, especially the first kiss.In the same way we might overanalyze a first date, the first kiss can also become a point of relationship dissection.You’ve got to feel it out on your own, but these little clues are worth considering as you navigate early kisses and try to discern what they mean to you—and to him.Sounds obvious, but in their own little way, kisses are a proclamation.How does he respond to physical cues while you’re kissing?


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