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She can finally put her high school days as the geeky girl with flop-sweats behind her.

Micah's mom starts to question the chemotherapy treatments; Emily tells Will that she's okay with him not liking her 'that way' and he says that he's afraid to ruin their friendship.

Emily continues to fight for her heart patient's rights when her patient with OCD tells her of laws that could help her, only to discover that the patient could have a brain tumor. Bandari gets even angrier at Emily when she finds out that she went over her head to get the MRI, and Micah tells Emily about his mom's pancreatic cancer.

Will has made it clear, however, that he likes their relationship the way it is.

Emily struggles to convince herself that being friends with Will is enough, but she has to admit it bothers her just to see Will and Cassandra talking together.

Emily decides that in order to get over Will she needs to focus on his flaws. Bandari starts by quizzing the interns, and Emily loses to Cassandra, winning Cassandra an assist on a gallbladder operation. Bandari instructs Emily to go to the local high school to teach the kids on safe sex.

In the ER Emily and Tyra get the case of a girl who fell on her head. When talking to their patient Emily and Tyra find out how she might've gotten whatever problem she has.She may have made one new friend, but it doesn't take long for Emily to realize that the long-standing rivalry she had with Cassandra back in high school is only going to grow.Now, both Emily and Cassandra are competing to impress the brilliant but stern and intolerant Dr.To give the fans closure, the producers wrote a ten-minute epilogue, paid for its production costs out of pocket, and the main cast members agreed to come back and film these scenes without pay."Road's End: The Final Chapter" answers fans' questions, including the identity of Sam's father, and was released as a bonus feature on the second season DVD. I loved all the other shows like Grey's anatomy, but I find it is turning into a soap opera.From the producers of Lost and Alias and the screenwriter of City of Angels and For Love of the Game comes a contemporary, heartwarming ensemble show about a group of supportive friends in ...

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