Capricorn man capricorn woman dating

However, when 9-to-5 jobs became a thing, the roles reversed slightly.Either way, these two signs represent what we expect from building security in a family unit.It’s time to First dates can be nerve-wracking, especially when you’re very interested in someone.

Exploring art galleries, even if neither of you knows anything about art, gives you a chance to talk about likes and dislikes, and may open the conversation to other topics.

Whatever you do, try to make it interactive and exciting.

Cancer, how you see the world looking into you (7th House), is how your Cap sees himself looking out at the world (1st House). Same for all opposite couples – specific to you both is Cancer nurturing your private life together, while Capricorn manages your public/social life.

As opposites, you’ll want to feel a lot less of the world looking in on you both, building to the kind of mutual trust dynamic where you’re both looking outward ready to take on the world together.

While there’s nothing wrong with this, there’s also nothing particularly exciting. If you’re both interested in museums, then plan to spend an afternoon exploring a museum that neither of you has seen.

What you want is an outing that is unique, fun, and gives you and your Capricorn a chance to get to know one another. When you’re doing something you both love, the conversation comes easily.

If that’s the case, then you’ve invited him out for an evening of torture.

Another situation that you should try to avoid is one in which one of you is extremely comfortable while the other one is a stranger in a strange land.

You could take a short art class together, or take a walking tour around a part of town neither of you is familiar with.

In the winter, wandering around a neighborhood looking at the holiday decorations can be a lot of fun.

Using scientific methods and really learning how to unlock his emotional core will give you the best advantage you could ever have on your first date.


  1. I have started reading "How to Make a Girl Chase" and plan to start doing the homework assignments once the semester ends ;) I would be extremely interested in seeing a post about moving abroad, going on that next adventure, getting out of your comfort zone, and "making it all up as you go."Hey Chase, a little off topic but I'd like to see a post on moving out of the country and just traveling with a suitcase around different places.

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