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We Farm also uses the information it collects to follow diseases and threats from extreme weather.It shares the information with government officials and non-governmental organizations. Farmer Mary Nkatha said it was difficult to act on some of the suggestions without an expert to help her.

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The We Farm network lets people ask a question by texting and receiving answers from other farmers.

Kenny Ewan of Scotland helped to set up the network in Kenya in 2014.

Information levels Kagendo said before, when her animals got sick, she used to pay an agricultural expert to help her.

“But we had to pay a fee ranging from 500 to 2,000 Kenyan shillings, and most of the time the officer did not even explain his diagnosis,” she said.

Please note that the department will no longer be issuing the current Ordinary, Diplomatic and East African passports.

For further information: This is to inform the general public that the department is in the process of having all foreign national services go online.

“If I am told to inject my cow with something, how do I make sure I do it in the right place,” she asked. ” Frederick Ochido is a Kenyan-based expert on dairy farming.

He worries that We Farm may enable farmers to avoid technology instead of helping them.

“I learned that our cow had milk fever, so I gave it calcium-rich feed and it was standing again within hours,” Kagendo said.

She is one of many Kenyans who operate a small farm in the countryside.

“Feed your cow with minerals rich in calcium,” one farmer wrote.

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