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Students and employees should promptly report all criminal actions and emergencies occurring on or around Grabber School of Hair Design facilities to the School Director, Stephen Quick either in person or by calling (314) 966-8888.

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The annual crime report is prepared by gathering campus crime statistics and data from the local police department and other relevant information by the institution.

Grabber School of Hair Designs does not have off-campus locations of student organizations officially recognized by the Institution, including student organizations with off-campus housing facilities.

This report is also given to new enrollees at the time of enrollment. Students and employees are encouraged to report all criminal acts, suspicious activities, or emergencies promptly and have the right to report these matters confidentially.

Victims or witnesses to a crime are encouraged to file a report of the incident.

The orientation includes a description of campus security policies and procedures, suggestions on how to avoid becoming a crime victim, evacuation plans at the institution, and procedures for reporting any criminal activity or emergency.

In the event the Institution, with the assistance of the local police, determines that a particular criminal offense continues to be a threat to the campus community, it will notify the Institution’s community by bulletin board notices, notices read by instructors in classrooms, and notices in student handouts.

Employees are instructed on crime awareness, prevention and campus security during staff/faculty meetings, and are also encouraged to take responsibility for their own security, as well as their fellow co-workers and students.

All new Grabber School of Hair Design students are instructed on crime awareness, prevention and campus security during orientation, and are encouraged to take responsibility for their own security, as well as their fellow classmates and the Grabber School of Hair Design’s employees.

Names of victims or witnesses are not disclosed in the crime report.


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