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They were members of the Compagnons de Rivière, a guild of transporters moving firewood to Paris.The family name "Goyard" derives from the French "goujard", also spelled "goyard".

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This sickle-like tool with a blade attached to a two-metre-long strong wooden handle was used by the Bourguignon people from the Aube area to cut thorns they would then transplant onto hedgerow stakes.

In 1832, a massive cholera epidemic decimated the population of Clamecy.

Just like his father did, Robert ran the store until his demise in 1979.

His impact on the house proved considerable, as he constantly updated the range of products, notably by developing a new canvas.

Jean Edmond François was the son of Robert Goyard, and collaborated with his father.

The Occupation took its toll on the house, and the store at 233, rue Saint-Honoré closed down temporarily.

The association initially changed its name to "Place Vendôme, Rue de la Paix and surroundings" before opting for "Comité Vendôme", its current name.

Robert Goyard was instrumental in setting up this cooperative agreement by taking care of the formalities for its constitution and locating its offices at Goyard’s headquarters at 233, rue Saint-Honoré.

François took a stake in the family business on , which became a limited company four days later.

After the end of World War II, Robert resumed running the company until 1979; upon his death, his granddaughter Isabelle Goyard took over with the help of her father.

He also laid the foundations for the brand as we know it today, as he came up with the emblematic Goyardine canvas, launched a pet accessories range and developed products for automobiles. Robert followed his father’s footsteps and ran the business from 1937 to 1979.

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