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Donald Trump was elected the 45th president of the United States on Nov. He has been a real estate developer, entrepreneur and host of the NBC reality show, "The Apprentice." Trump's statements were awarded Politi Fact's 2015 Lie of the Year.

"We never look at short-term trends in homicide because it's difficult to intepret," said Jerry Ratcliffe, a professor of criminal justice at Temple University.

"Anybody sensible steers clear [of] trying to put an interpretation on figures when they're that small." Mayor Kenney on Thursday called Trump a purveyor of "fake facts" and said he feels badly that "the men and women of the Philadelphia Police Department who dedicate themselves every day to driving down our crime rate, laying their lives on the line, are standing out on the sidewalk, on the street, protecting him and all the other dignitaries ...

Dine venner vil med garanti udspørge ham om vilde historier fra hans job...

In 1961, when their small house was condemned along with many other homes on Bunker Hill to clear the way for office skyscrapers, the Politi family moved to Angeleno Heights.

A.'s spirit]I first met Leo Politi in 2001, nearly seven years after his death, when Gim Fong, the proprietor of a small Chinatown art shop, produced a transparent plastic storage folder from behind the counter.

Inside was a faded and mottled children’s book called He verged into adult books too, the most noted of which was Bunker Hill, a series of paintings of the stately Victorian houses which populated that section of Downtown before the skyscrapers irrevocably altered the landscape.

Mange kvinder tror fejlagtigt, at mænd KUN er drevet af lyst til sex, og at de kan tiltrække ham følelsesmæssigt ved først at tænde ham.

Shuster, who heads the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, and Shelley Rubino, the vice president for global government affairs for Airlines for America, became involved with each other last summer, Politico first reported Thursday.

In total he authored 30 books and illustrated an additional 15 to 20.

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