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That can change my opinion on a guy from ‘This is someone I’m just not interested in right now’ into ‘Jesus, this guy is a total creep’.” My advice, as a social psych nerd myself, is to learn from cats.

Whenever you want to pet a cat, it acts like it isn’t really all that interested in you, but when you stop chasing it around trying to pet it, it will come to you and want your affection. If you come on too strong, you’ll be like an owner chasing the annoyed cat.

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), so you could get punched in the face for that as well. We’re not talking about the wearing of strange or evil-looking semi-cosplay vampire garb.

So you could be hospitalised and be arrested at the same time. making repeated eye contact from across the room can be sexy or flirtatious, or it can be ‘Oh my God, that creepy guy keeps staring at me! We’re talking about regular clothes worn in such a way that creepify your general appearance and demeanour. It automatically makes you look like a hilly-billy serial killer.

” Walking up to a random girl at the grocery store can either be fun, spontaneous interaction or ‘this creepy guy was bothering me while I was trying to shop,’ and so on.” Women hate mumblers. Your mum probably must have told you at some point in your life to stop mumbling and speak up. Which is why there are so many more female teachers in primary school, because they are there to ensure that kids don’t grow up mumblers. These are bizarre to most people and will weirdise and creepify your looks: hard to take care of your clothes. Eating loudly or making a big mess, picking at your nose, face or body in public, smelling of BO, etc, embarrasses others around you. Chick: “I walk a lot too and don’t have much money either — yay, going to university on my own!

If you’re trying to approach a woman and make conversation and not scare her off initially, why the f**k would you mumble? It makes you out like, ‘I don’t care to take you seriously,’ so the chick wonders why you’re talking to her if you’re so nervous that you can’t even speak up. — I have clothes from 5th grade that are still in passable condition simply because I’m not retarded.

And in that case, you shouldn’t be prowling for women. Saying your accessories have a ‘vintage effect’ just doesn’t cut it.

We spend our hard-earned cash on accessories to look good, not to look like weirdies or losers just to make a ‘statement.’ Guy: “I don’t spend my money on any of that shit.

Or at least get rid of the stuff that covers your face.

People are more inviting if you can see them.” Inability to keep eye contact during a conversation with your other people is very creepy, especially to Westerners.

Off the top of my head, I can already think of a few things that are creepy to women anywhere in the world (in no particular order): Some people take the attitude of doing their darnedest to not do anything offensive to anyone, even to the most conservative grandmother.

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