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It goes without saying that you can’t follow Blogger blogs on Word and vice-versa, though it would be nice if we could all get along.I’d be surprised if there are many people reading this who aren’t familiar with the screenshot above, which is the Word Press dashboard.If you’re not interested in Google , a real name or picture, you can opt to create what Google is now calling a “limited Blogger profile” which is essentially a display name of your choosing, so go wild.

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Blogger houses all of this on the one page, with a quick compose button found next to the blog title itself.

Beneath this are new posts from the blogs you have chosen to follow on the service.

Using this method you could set up a whole string of blogs in a matter of minutes.

Both Word Press and Blogger have centralized areas from which to manage your blog empire, which are separate to the settings for the blogs themselves.

They do this by making it stupidly simple to set up and maintain a blog, while introducing some rather hefty limitations for experienced users.

A free Word account offers: Conversely, Blogger is not a commercial service.There’s one addition here that you won’t see on standard, self-hosted Word Press blogs and that’s the Store tab.Here you will find all those upgrades I mentioned earlier, as well as a few bundles that promise to save you money.It was acquired by Google in 2003 who have since kept it ticking over, with a few redesigns and some recently-added new templates.The rather ancient Blogger features page (ancient because it explicitly mentions uploading to Google Video and easily accessing i Google, two of Google’s many dead projects) promises users access to all in your email and you’ll be invited to give your blog a name, subtitle, and language before choosing a theme.


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