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Its main rival, even more base and yellow, is the Daily Brute.

(For modern British readers, think Daily Mail, only even worse).

In order to avoid spoiling some reveals and surprises, some things will not be explained on their first appearance.

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You can read all about it here where, amongst other things, it says But the 'Keep Calm' posters were held in reserve, intended for use only in times of crisis or invasion.

Although some may have found there way onto Government office walls, the poster was never officially issued and so remained virtually unseen by the public - unseen, that is, until a copy turned up more than fifty years later in a box of dusty old books bought in auction.

The three books ( "The Goodies File", "The Goodies' Book Of Criminal Records" and "The Making Of The Goodies' Disaster Movie") were all done in the same style as the Black Dossier, comprising lots of different bits meant to be clippings from magazines, notes etc, and the first two were even meant to be secret dossiers on the Goodies..." “If found return to Mini Luv.” “Mini Luv” is an example of newspeak, which appears in George Orwell’s 1984 (1949).

1984, a classic of dystopian fiction, describes life under the rule of the totalitarian government of “Oceania.” One of Oceania’s malign innovations is to impose newspeak on its citizens.

Scoop, routinely voted one of the best novels of the 20th century, is a scathing savaging of the English sensationalist press.

In Scoop the newspaper for which the protagonist works is the Daily Beast.Newspeak is an artificially constructed language designed to remove as many words and meanings as possible from conversation, with the intention being to leave speakers capable of describing, and conceiving of, concepts in only simplistic dichotomies: black and white, good and evil, and so on. Also no wonder than Mr Moore's line would include "Chin Topiary" "Barking" and "Very Cross"...Toward this end words are merged together and shortened, so that “English Socialism” becomes “Ing Soc.” “Mini Luv” stands for the “Ministry of Love,” the government department which uses fear, brainwashing, and torture to enforce loyalty to and love of Big Brother, the leader of Oceania. Simpson writes, "This may also reference The Great Bear, an artwork by Simon Patterson in which he replaced the station names on the London Underground diagram with the names of philosophers, actors, politicians and other celebrated figures."Philip & Emily Graves write, "Many puns here: Maida Jump, Court Short, Turnham Blue, Colouring Inn, Tooting Bottom, Eating Broadly, Rothernot, Pen Stroke Newington, Upper Etching, H. Many of these are clearly riffs on actual underground stations (while Pen Stroke Newington and Ink Staines allude to the areas of London named Stoke Newington and Staines respectively).You can buy a copy of the poster here, if you want, and there's all sorts of other stuff with it on, like t-shirts, to be found here.".The Daily Brute is a reference to Evelyn Waugh’s Scoop (1938).The text here, except where otherwise quoted, is copyright © Jess Nevins 2008.


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