Leeann tweeden dating

Indiscretion in matters of both heart and pocketbook can be problems as well.

Her attitude could be a bit too optimistic, especially in regards to love relationships.

Leeann may cause trouble in her love relationships by focusing too much attention on money or "lifestyle" rather than on the person she is with.

Leeann Tweeden may also attract gold diggers or parasites who will take advantage of her hospitality as long as she allows them to.

Her softer side is described in the following paragraphs.

She is a sensitive soul and a dreamer who is very much attuned to the world of imagination and fantasy.

Leeann Tweeden seeks caring, emotional support, and security in her love relationships.

Leeann likes to be needed, as well as to cherish and protect her loved ones, of whom she is somewhat possessive.She is getting quickly excited by other people and will probably have many relationships that are terminated just as quickly as they are made.Leeann Tweeden does not like to be alone and she always keeps her house open for her friends and acquaintances.Leeann Tweeden cannot tolerate self-pity or passivity, and she can be rather brusque with others' emotional problems."Stop crying and do something about it" might be Tweeden's motto.Sensitive and sentimental, Leeann Tweeden is deeply attached to her family, old friends, familiar places and the past.


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